The Lovely Strangers

The Lovely Strangers is a dynamic, musical duo from Dublin made up of Heather Lawrie and Gavin Sheridan. They cover all genres of music; from music for Wedding Ceremonies to R&B to Rock and Roll!
Lead singer Heather's jazz-influenced voice allows her to give a unique twist to nearly every song she sings, making for a truly mesmerizing performance. Gavin is a highly talented and experienced guitarist whose enthusiasm for his craft shines through his playing. With their beautiful talents they blend effortlessly together, showcasing their great love and passion for music.
The Lovely Strangers are truly the perfect duo for every occasion. From small pub gigs to wedding receptions to church ceremonies; The Lovely Strangers can do it all! But don't take our word for it - check them out on Facebook for regular updates about their upcoming gigs.

Come along to one of our public gigs and say hello, we would love to see your lovely faces!
Gav and Heather x